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A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquillity. I do not think that the pursuit of knowledge is an exception to this rule. If the study to which you apply yourself has a tendency to weaken your affections, and to destroy your taste for those simple pleasures in which no alloy can possibly mix, then that study is certainly unlawful, that is to say, not befitting the human mind.

-Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

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Published by iamzegar

Pozdrav! Predstavljam Vam se pod pseudonimom Ze Gar. Mlada sam osoba željna istraživanja, učenja, upoznavanja novih ljudi, razmišljanja i običaja. Moji hobiji su učenje stranih jezika, putovanja, čitanje knjiga i psihologija. Želja mi je pomoću ovog bloga spojiti ljude otvorenog uma da zajedno kroz razgovor i diskusije rastemo i istražujemo neistraženo. Iako me zanimaju mnoge teme, nisam ekspert u njima pa to ne očekujem ni od Vas. Zato je cilj da zajedno dolazimo do odgovora ili da barem imamo mjesto na kojem možemo dijeliti iskustva, misli i emocije. Nadam se da će nam svima koristiti. Greetings! I will publish my posts under the pseudonym Ze Gar. I am a young adult eager to explore, learn, to meet new people, their way of thinking and customs. My hobbies are learning foreign languages, travelling, reading and psychology. My wish is to use this blog to connect people with open minds to grow and explore the unexplored with conversations and discussions. I am interested in many subjects; however, I am no expert, so I do not expect that from you either. The goal is to come up with answers together or to have a place to share are experiences, thoughts and emotions. I hope we all find use in it.

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