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Just another book quote

“Maybe you’ll only be able to understand me when you’re older; you’ll be able to understand me after you’ve travelled that mysterious road that leads from intransigence to compassion. Compassion, I said, not pity. If you pity me, I’m going to come back like some wicked little spirit and play a bunch of nasty tricksContinue reading “Just another book quote”

Dreams coming true?

This time I want to talk about productivity. I’ve come to an age by which I was supposed to have it all figured out, or so I thought. But when I look around, none of my friends have it figured out, my seven-years-older brother has no idea, only those few people I follow on InstagramContinue reading “Dreams coming true?”


Na jednom smo predavanju danas spomenuli kako velika količina informacija koje dobivamo svaki dan utječu na naše zdravlje. Ne bih ulazila u to jer je tema jako kompleksna, ali na pitanje jesmo li danas zaprimili ijednu pozitivnu vijest, svi smo kimnuli glavom lijevo-desno. Raspon vijesti kreće se od učestalih informacija o teškim potresima u HrvatskojContinue reading “Positivity”

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